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Penshurst is a small unspoilt village in beautiful countryside situated in an area known as The Weald of Kent’. It lies between two rivers and is famous for an ancestral home once owned by Henry VIII.

Old timber-framed buildings and converted oast houses afford interest to visitors but traditions such as cricket, still played on one of England’s oldest pitches, and the village fair are still very much part of the community today.

Penshurst Estate Wine Bottles found!

Penshurst Estate Wine Bottles

Fancier Dress, the fancy dress shop in Limpsfield High Street, used to be an old wine stores. While they were having a sort out of the basement and barn they stumbled across 8 wine bottles, all dated 1984, and all with the label "Penshurst Estate Bottled English Table Wine". They are bottles specifically designed for the wine trade, as they are empty but completely sealed, for display purposes only. Anyone interested? Please contact sales@fancierdress.co.uk




George Cole OBE and Dennis Waterman from Minder

Did Penshurst Point-to-Point feature in Minder? Do you recognise anyone?

The Fans of Minder website think part of an episode might have been filmed there in 1979/1980. Can you help?

Check it out here!