Walks within the Penshurst Area

Across the Eden and along the banks of the Medway

Ordnance Survey Map Explorer 147 Sevenoaks and Tonbridge
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Distance Five and a half miles

Time Allowed Two and a half hours

Refreshments Tea shop in the village, The Leicester Arms, The Spotted Dog and The Bottle House Inn


Start Village centre
Penshurst Village School
Set off on the B 2188 in the direction of Fordcombe and opposite the Forge Garage turn right into The Warren. Proceed along this drive, with the school on the right and a wall then a fence on the left.
Continue to Warren Farm Cottage then turn left onto grass path passing barn on the right.
Cross the field with hedge on the left soon swing left, towards houses.

Cross stile at corner of field and turn right on to path.
At corner of field turn left onto a track and emerge at the road.
Turn right. Continue over bridge (River Eden) and, immediately after bridge, cross stile on left following the footpath sign, cross bridge and emerge into field.

Follow path across field aiming for the left of the stone house. On reaching the house turn right across the face of it and follow the drive back to the road.
Emerge back onto the road opposite film set type “historic” farm buildings, cross the road and follow sign to Smarts Hill. On the way you will pass, on your left near the top of the hill, the first council houses built in England (Pioneer Cottages- for more information see History of village).
If, on reaching the top of the hill you require refreshment then turn left for the Spotted Dog, or right for the Bottle House Inn.

To continue the walk turn right then very soon left into Nunnery Lane.
Continue along this lane until you reach a road coming in from the left, Sandfield Road. Sixty paces beyond this junction turn left over a stile and proceed slightly to the right of the oast house ahead to cross a plank bridge.
Turn almost fully to the right and head for the right hand clump of bushes to the right of a pylon, and pass the bend in the river. Follow the river round to the left and proceed to the bridge and cross the river Medway.

Cross then turn left to gate onto road. Emerge onto road, cross it and follow the left of two Public Footpath signs and cross stile into field.
You are now in the fields that have the Medway as the boundary on the left.
Follow the path as it crosses several fields passing through the intervening fences over stiles and, often, small bridges over streams flowing into the Medway. Note the small brick buildings which were erected during the second world war as enemy resistance posts.

Eventually you arrive at a metal bridge crossing the Medway itself. Cross the river via the bridge and continue straight ahead up a slight rise.You will have wire fencing, some flattenened ,on your left. As you reach the top of the incline you will see a stile almost straight ahead and another to the right. Head for the one on the right and cross the stile intothe field.Penshurst walk view
Turn right in field and continue round field with hedge and trees on your right continuing into second field again the hedge on right.

Continue along this field edge until you are opposite an oak tree about 20 yards into the field. Turn right to cross bridge (Medway)
And then follow field round to left. After slight rise in path, turn left and when confronted by hedge immediately ahead, proceed, with line of trees on right, until you emerge on to road opposite the Penshurst Enterprise Centre. Turn left and proceed back into center of village with just one final re-crossing of the Medway.

Note: We recommend that proper walking boots are worn for all walks. Frequently they cross bridle- paths for a part of the route and these tend to be very uneven and remain wet when everywhere else is dry underfoot.

Wildlife one can see include deer (especially late afternoon near woodland), pheasant, rabbits, fox and badger setts.