Walks within the Penshurst Area

Through Penshurst Place Estate and along the Eden Valley

Ordnance Survey Map Explorer 147 Sevenoaks and Tonbridge
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Distance: Six miles

Time Allowed:Three hours

Refreshments: Fir Tree House Tea Rooms, The Leicester Arms and The Rock


Start Village centre

Enter the churchyard, pass the church door, through a swing gate and follow path round with Penshurst Place on your right. Continue straight ahead, do not turn to walk across the front of the house.

Cross swing gates on both sides of the drive to the house and continue, keeping to the left of the cricket field.

Turn half right at pill box to a stile on opposite side of field, with the lake 200 yards on the right. Pass through stile and turn right where signed continuing to keep the lake on the right. Cross stile by ancient oak tree and follow signing hard left to next stile mid-way up a gentle ascent, with woodland on the left and a row of trees on the right.

At cross paths at summit of slope, keep straight ahead and, ignoring sign sending you half right continue along wide driveway until  100 yards from facing woodland, bear right following the path before joining another pathway bearing left and entering the wood on a well defined track.

Continuing following the track through the wood. Turn left at T junction with cross path, emerging shortly onto road.

Turn left onto road and immediately sharp right on to another road soon passing Cinder Hill Farm. When road turns right to cross railway bridge continue in original direction on to footpath to Little Moorden. Enter field on right over stile and continue with hedge on left. Continue ahead at cross paths into next field with hedge on left, again continue into next field in same direction, before circling left round buildings and emerging onto road.

Turn right onto road. After 40 yards and opposite Moorden Farm, turn left into field. Proceed into field with row of trees on the right. Pass on to next field and, 50 yards on, turn half right through wide gap in hedge, cross a bridge made from a couple of planks of wood over brook and pass through gate ahead.

Follow hedge/fence on right and at the corner of the field pass through gate and continue in the same direction straight ahead with hedge/trees on the right Continue with hop poles on left.

At corner of field, with cross paths, continue straight ahead through gap in facing hedge a few yards left of corner of field, crossing next field with hedge on left When field widens out to the left go straight down to direction of farmhouse to cross bridge, heading for left of farm buildings ahead. Ignore farm buildings with oasts which are straight ahead up a slope.

Turn half left towards oak tree and then right to proceed with hedge on left, which starts in mid field.

After 200 yards go through gap and proceed to in the direction of the farm house. Go to the left of the farmhouse and over the stile.

Pass farm buildings on right, cross stile onto drive and emerge onto road. Cross road and take footpath opposite.

Proceed straight ahead across field with hedge/fence on left. Cross through fence on left and continue in same direction but with hedge now on right. Cross back over fence on right at end of field turning left along field with hedge on left. Re-cross hedge after a few yards into field on left and cross field in a diagonal line to bottom right of field (with red brick house on right of field.

Pass through gate into next field and continue with hedge on right to far corner. Cross stile onto pathway and turn left. Cross River Eden and emerge onto road in 500 yards.

Turn right if you wish to explore the village of Chiddingstone.
Chiddingstone, the chiding stone

To continue the walk turn right as you emerge onto the road and then left after 40 yards. Take footpath between field and drive, pass sports field on left and emerge shortly into open field.

Continue in same line going straight ahead at cross paths by small copse. The path merges with the Eden Valley Walk whose signs can now be followed. Bear slightly left to join EVW and pass through gate into wood. Keep left at next fork in paths.

Emerge on to road, turn right and then (20 yards on) left into wood. Continue through gate then half left diagonally across field to gate. Pass through gate then turn left along drive to Watstock farm.

Pass between farm buildings and continue straight ahead, enjoying distant views across the Eden valley. At the bottom of the track turn left into the road which leads back up to Penshurst Place. Cross the road and turn left for 100 yards. Enter Penshurst Place Estate over stile and take the right fork of the two paths ahead. Pass in front of the south face of the house before re-entering the churchyard and emerging into the village centre.

Note: We recommend that proper walking boots are worn for all walks. Frequently they cross bridle- paths for a part of the route and these tend to be very uneven and remain wet when everywhere else is dry underfoot.

Wildlife one can see include deer (especially late afternoon near woodland), pheasant, rabbits, fox and badger setts.