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Blackham Village Market

(First Saturday of every month except January)
Authentic village life atmosphere
Local produce for sale

Blackham Village Market

Saturday December 7th 2019

10am – 12:30pm

Blackham Village Hall, TN3 9UD

Meet other village folk at “The Stage” café!  Enjoy Filter Fresh Coffee, Tea and Homemade Cakes!

Local produce for sale includes: Bread, Free-range Eggs, Occasional Fruit & Veg in Season, Pasties & Other Baked Savouries, Cakes, Scones, Preserves, Fruit Juice, Honey. Other items include: Phoenix Cards, Aloe Vera Health Products, Handmade Jewellery & Pottery, British Legion Merchandise, Wild Bird Food.

Blackham Village Hall is a registered charity whose sole purpose is to promote and maintain the hall for the enjoyment and benefit of the community.


Gong Baths starting on 14th July 2019...

gong baths

You are invited to come and experience the deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effects of the gongs, accompanied by a range of angelic and grounding sound healing instruments.

A gong bath meditation is a wonderful opportunity to unwind and de-stress and doesn’t require you to do anything other than to get comfy and lay down with your eyes closed, whilst the therapeutic effects of the vast array of sounds wash over you.

The gong is said to be the most effective and transformative sound healing tool that we have. Everything around us is made up of vibration, including you! This is why the frequencies of the gongs are able to retune you, bringing you back to your optimum state of wellbeing. Working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the gongs are able to take you out of disharmony and through entrainment realign you to a natural harmonious vibrational state.

Please bring a pillow and a soft padded surface to lay on for 1½ hours. It is very common for body temperatures to drop during a gong bath so please also bring blankets, a duvet or a sleeping bag. Thick socks and an eye mask are also a great addition! If you would like further details, please contact Dawn on 07554 069191. I look forward to seeing you there. Love, light and sound, Dawn. * Please note that a gong bath is not recommended for those in the first three months of pregnancy due to the unstable nature of any pregnancy during this period, or for those fitted with a pacemaker.

Events and exhibitions at the Eden Valley Museum 2019

hopping exhibitionThe Museum’s major exhibition for 2019 is Hopping in the Eden Valley. It opens to the public on Wednesday 3rd July and runs through to Friday 20th December. This is followed by a coffee morning hopping coffee morning on Saturday 13th July. The Museum welcomes any hop-picking memories, photos or objects you have to add to the exhibition.





hopping down in kent talk



Martin Crowther will give a talk, "Hopping down in Kent: an illustrated history", on Friday 20th September in the Rickards Hall, 7pm for 7.30pm.



what's in a name exhibition




Another new exhibition, What’s in a name, will uncover the background to some of the very odd road names we have in the Eden Valley. This also opens on 3rd July.





Our very popular free guided walks are on again this year, starting in June, see below for details.

To make room for our new exhibitions unfortunately we have to close two we are currently running, Predicting the Weather and WW1- We Will Remember Them.

These exhibitions will remain open until 16:30 Saturday June 29th.

June also sees the Museum opening each Sunday from 2pm to 4pm (except for June 30th when it will be closed to set up the new exhibitions).

Lastly, the Object of the Month for May is a ‘sun stick’ used by a local meteorologist, which will be followed in June by a 1999 World Cup Cricket ballsun stick



eden valley museum guided walks 2019

Parkrun at Kingdom, Grove Road, Penshurst

The first parkrun was held at Kingdom on Saturday 27th April 2019. This free, weekly 5km timed run, jog or walk will now be held every Saturday morning at 9am. Anyone interested can register for a free barcode at and then come along. All ages and abilities are welcomed and there are plenty of volunteering opportunities for those that fancy a bit of social interaction but don’t feel like taking part in the event itself. For further info contact the volunteer event team via email at


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