Changing Scenes of Life - a recently published book by Michael Skinner, whose childhood was spent in Chiddingstone and Penshurst , where his family had been Blacksmiths at The Forge.

Changing Scenes of Life by Michael Skinner

Social history enthusiasts will love the incredible detail in Michael Skinner’s ‘Changing Scenes of Life’.  Now in his golden years, he recalls life in a village working-class home before, during and after the Second World War, and he continues this partial autobiography through to adult life.

Residents of Chiddingstone, Charcott and Penshurst might find he recalls their ancestors and often expresses opinions of them!

Inhabitants of Penshurst will be familiar with the name ‘J. E. Skinner’, still visible on the sign above the entrance to The Forge. In the book you will find out about this man. Older readers may be transported back to an age they remember before the working man had a bank account, telephone, television , fridge or even indoor sanitation. Childhood obesity was unheard of. Walking was the main means of getting around.

Any young readers, still at school in the area, might be surprised to learn what their school days would have been like just 70 years ago.

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